Sunday, June 27, 2010


There's a cool breeze coming in through the open window. I can hear birds singing and see friendly neighbors walking their dogs. We have big open spaces, even with boxes cluttering the floor.

I'm quite proud of us: We survived (and thoroughly enjoyed!) our first (almost) six months of marriage in a 450 square foot apartment. Apparently, if your landlord decides that it's 600 square feet and you believe him for the first four months of living there, it makes it easier to stomach. But now, upgrading from 450 to 676 sq ft seems incredible. A person could get lost in here!

This whole marriage thing... it's fun! So many people speak badly about it - about how hard it is, how many sacrifices you have to make, etc. But though those things are sometimes true, it's so worth it!

I'll put up some pictures of our new place soon!

Love, from -------- (we need to think up a name for this place!)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Begin again.

David encouraged me to start blogging again... Since I love to read others' blogs, I should give them the opportunity to do the same.

So here I am.

June. Father's Day apart from my father, though that isn't anything new. David and I were blessed with the opportunity to give him the gift of words in our absence, to be read in front of the some of the many people he holds most dear. Writing those words reminded me of how much I love my dad, and how amazing he is. He and my mother will be here at the end of the week to help us move out of the place we spent the first six months of our marriage, and into a place in the heart of Denver. I love spending time with my parents.

I am completely unmotivated to continuing the laborious process of packing... Weekends are too short to be wasted on packing boxes and minds filled up with thoughts of work. They should be used for riding bikes, picnics in the sun, laughing with friends and family. The summer is already passing too quickly. Perhaps I will feel more motivated when we are in the new place... With it's air conditioning and brick walls. Maybe then I'll keep it clean, I'll feel productive and creative. Or maybe I'll still be the same person 14 blocks away.

Work always fills my head and heart... And makes me overwhelmed. I think I have almost mastered the art of Not Thinking About Work, but then there's the mornings that I lie in bed, waiting for him to wake up, that I get transported into that little yellow room, and have mock conversations and planning time in my head. It's actually quite annoying. But I really really love my job, and am feeling more settled all the time. Someone told me when I started that it would take me about six months to truly feel comfortable in the position, to make it my own. I think that will prove to be true. I've been there 3 1/2 months, and I still feel like I'm drowning sometimes. But much less frequently than before.

So here we are. A place to begin blogging again. We'll see how it goes...