Sunday, October 23, 2011

Home again.

So, we saw a part of the country we'd never been to before. And it was beautiful. We drove through hills and (baby) mountains, past streams and rivers and trains and trees. Beautiful. We read a lot, drank a lot of fall-themed beverages, slept a lot. We picked apples in a sunny apple orchard in Connecticut, drank the most delicious chai on a rainy day in NYC, slowly ate slow food in Vermont, and tripped over cobblestones in Boston. It was glorious. Eight straight days together, and we still had things to talk about. We never tire of each other. Multiple times older married couples asked if we were newlyweds, and then seemed surprised that we have been married almost two years. Then we asked them their secret to thirty or forty-six years of marriage... "Yes, dear" was the answer for all. Then they laughed and one couple said it's important to have a common goal. The other, longer married couple, they told us to never give up. Work together and don't give up like all the other young couples out there. I love advice from people who have seen it all.

But... It's so good to be home. I love Bloom. It felt so like home to be there tonight. Looking around at all the familiar and unfamiliar faces, feeling comfortable enough to take off my shoes and take barefoot communion (as we do every week), listening to people sing at the tops of their lungs, with all they've got... It's beautiful. I love it so much, and I love feeling the presence of God in our midst.

I'm so thankful for the friends I have here. They made me feel like I (we) were missed, and that's so good.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Maybe I decided just now that every day I need a little yellow (or mustard) in my life. On the way to Breckenridge* yesterday, while listening to "Ghosts Upon the Earth" and staring out the windows at the yellow aspens, I crocheted a yellow cowl to match. It was delightful and just like fall. I've been inspired by my dear coworker to love this color, and I'm so glad I know her - for that reason and many others.

*We went to Breck to celebrate some dear friends' engagement. And it was delightful. We heard the story of life and surprise, and I talked for a long while with their mothers. I soaked it up - I so miss being around people my parents' age. And weddings are always a beautiful thing!

I love when people call their spouse / spouse-to-be "love", "dearest*", or "darling". It's so old-fashioned and lovely. (*I call David "dearest" because it's what Mormor and Papa used to call each other... at the very least, on their Christmas presents to each other)