Monday, March 14, 2011

To whom it may concern.

Dear upstairs neighbor -

You seem nice enough, but I can't help but question your taste in music. Loud music. Loud music accompanied by drumming against the floor. Loud music at 5am. Loud music at 11pm. I need more sleep than that, and maybe you should give the electric guitars a rest?

Dear Melissa L. Miller -

I know you used to live at the address we inhabit now, but you don't anymore. So your catalogs and bills shouldn't either. Most people forward their mail... but I think maybe you order more catalogs to this address, forgetting your own,  more current place of residence.
I don't want or need your Spanx catalogs - but did you know they now have Spanx for men? I don't want your clothes catalogs, your "The Way We Change" magazine, your "the most comfortable shoes in Britain" catalog, or your Harry and David catalog. I don't want a catalog full of blown glass ornaments, or one full of shoes that only come in white, black, or beige. No good. I'm not interested. I did enjoy leafing through the Urban Outfitters catalog, until I started to wonder if you were a forty-five year old British hipster with bad feet and three themed Christmas trees every year.


Elise O.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Things I love.

Things I love today.

 Little Princes by Conor Grennan. Please read this book!

Our new vacuum. And shiny clean floors!

 My husband's ponytail. He's real proud of it, so I am too.

My brother, Samuel. Yes, we have his graduation picture framed in our living room. He's real cool, he's going to Seattle Pacific University in the fall (jealous), and I think he's the greatest!

The happiest little spoon in the world. Oh, the adventures little spoon and I have together.

Flowers in my favorite vase against my favorite brick wall.

An elk in Estes Park on our much-needed weekend away.


So I'm linking this blog for a few reasons:
#1: Jenny is my dearest, oldest friend.
#2: She is an amazing photographer.
#3: Her post from today is about me!

I am so thankful for Jenny, that she has known me for over half my life. We've known each other through our most formative years (middle school), and through the years in which we became truly ourselves. I love her latest post in that it reminds me of so many of the adventures and mishaps we had, and who we became through all of that.

Jenny, I'm so excited to see where our lives continue to intersect throughout our lives!

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