Thursday, August 18, 2011


What have I been up to lately?

Walks with babies in which I saw this truck that had a garden growing out of the bed. Amazing!

A word of advice: never walk a mile with three infants all by yourself when it's 95 degrees out. Or ever.

Solo drives, blasting Mumford and Sons and/or The Civil Wars. Once driving behind this dream car of my youth (and perhaps my current older age).

Field trips / end of Summer / beginning of the school year party with one of the coolest kids / superheroes the world has ever seen. Farmers' market, City Park (with the best view of the city ever), fountains of incredible joy and surprise and delight (and free!). I love my job (especially on these days!)

Notes on my new chalkboard door - from children and moms, to each other and me. I love it, and I love them.


I'm so thankful for the groups of girl friends I have. Pizza and sangria, pedicures... I love my Bloom girls and I love my college friends. Which, let's be honest, saying "college friends" makes me sound really old. Or maybe just feel old. They're my for-life friends, not just college. I decided.

We've had (and will continue to have) so much family time lately. It's been so good. I'm so thankful for these times with my grandma (and aunt, uncle, and cousins) this summer. And soon it's my Momma's turn!

I also love the Les Miserables soundtrack I'm listening to right now... It brings back such great memories. Being a tiny child, sitting in the front seat of my dad's truck (Truckie), listening to the cassette with him. Senior year of high school, my parents, Jenny, and her mom seeing it live in San Francisco. So good.

Monday, August 8, 2011


So, the next few weeks may be a bit quieter than I expected. One less infant to fill up my days - which keeps me at three instead of four. The interns are gone, which means I may have alone time with the babies, which is fine with me.

More carpet time, more drooly baby on my chest time.

More time laying on our backs, staring at the ceiling.

More tickling and weird songs that we learn at story time.

More grass time... Or maybe not, because walking three babies to the park by myself a half mile away is just a bit more exhausting than I expected it to be.

More creative craft time and informative video watching time.


August is already so busy. Time with family (BMECM, Mormor, Mom), helping more family move, girls' nights... It's a good way to end the summer.