Monday, October 3, 2011


Maybe I decided just now that every day I need a little yellow (or mustard) in my life. On the way to Breckenridge* yesterday, while listening to "Ghosts Upon the Earth" and staring out the windows at the yellow aspens, I crocheted a yellow cowl to match. It was delightful and just like fall. I've been inspired by my dear coworker to love this color, and I'm so glad I know her - for that reason and many others.

*We went to Breck to celebrate some dear friends' engagement. And it was delightful. We heard the story of life and surprise, and I talked for a long while with their mothers. I soaked it up - I so miss being around people my parents' age. And weddings are always a beautiful thing!

I love when people call their spouse / spouse-to-be "love", "dearest*", or "darling". It's so old-fashioned and lovely. (*I call David "dearest" because it's what Mormor and Papa used to call each other... at the very least, on their Christmas presents to each other)

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