Thursday, July 1, 2010


My job stretches me to my limits. I get stretched and then snappy, annoyed, immature. But those moments are coming less, as I'm finding, deep within myself, how to love. And I honestly couldn't do it without God. There is not enough of me to go around, so I pull from His great love. His love for the difficult children and mothers that stretch me to my limits daily. He loves them, and me, more than I could ever fathom. So I must strive to love them the very best I can. It's real hard, though.

So all that to say, we're going on a mini vacation. Breckenridge, 3 nights, with my parents. I will let my soul sigh as I look out to the mountains, and I will relax. And breathe.

I love living in the city - life is happening every minute of every day. But... sometimes you just need to get away. To let your soul breathe. And that is yet another reason that Denver is so amazing: just 1 hour from our apartment - the mountains.

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