Monday, December 6, 2010

In the city.

This seems funny, but I changed the name of my blog to "In the city". Because, if I think about it... Everything I do is in the city. I live on next to a busy (and sketch) street that runs through the city. I work two miles from my home - straight down one road towards the center of downtown. I worship a mile from my home (straight down the first busy street), right across from the capitol.

My whole life is within three square miles! I love it - I really do. But I love being reminded of the greater world outside my little life. I love seeing the cloud covered mountains on my short drive to work. I love talking to good friends who are pursuing dreams similar to our own. I am continually inspired by what's to come in our lives... and I'm so thankful that what I'm doing now is helping me prepare for whatever comes next.

PS: 20 days til I see my beloved family.

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