Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm sitting in the middle of Denver, waiting for the Marade (March-Parade, MLK Day) to pass by so I can join in the march to the capitol. So I can set aside all the things that are ingrained within me that I fight against daily. Because despite misconceptions we all may have, I truly believe that we are the same. We have different backgrounds and cultures (within a culture), and we have very different convictions and ideas and ways of speaking and disciplining and thinking... But in all our beautiful differences, we're the same. God loves us all the same... We all bring a beautiful, different aspect to the Kingdom of God, and it's amazing, and we're all on an equal playing field. Martin Luther King Jr's fight was so long ago, and sometimes it feels that we're so far past the racist tendencies that he stood against... But sometimes it feels that we're not. Maybe it's not most often between blacks and whites, but it is against hispanic people, middle-eastern people... So let's stand against that, today, 2011.

I didn't even mean to write about that today. I meant to write of my newly discovered love for big cities. I love cities. We just returned from Milwaukee... A city I definitely didn't expect to be intrigued by. But I was so intrigued. Old buildings, similar to Denver... But with a bigger river down the middle. Apartment buildings with marble interiors and creaky old elevators. Midwestern style houses. Coffee shops and places to eat brunch and gastropubs with lots of different kinds of beers (not just Colorado brewed) and a stingy cold that gets inside your bones. 

Chicago... similar to Milwaukee in the giant lake that sneaks up on you. Cozy apartments with fireplaces and yellow painted walls. Funny board game bars and hidden neighborhood gems. So many parks and trees and giant museums and factories. 

San Francisco... Oh, yes. Cold and foggy and a huge red bridge rising up in your peripheral vision. So many trees and redwoods just across the bay. Hills to climb up to see the whole city. Ice cream and vegan restaurants. China town and luggages. I really love San Francisco. 

I could say many things about Denver, but I've either said them already or will say them in the future, so I'll spare you (this time). I want to explore other cities... New York - a stroll through Central Park. Maybe take a quick peek at Time's Square (and then leave, because I often feel overwhelmed by large crowds of people). Seattle - I've been there before, but so want to visit again. With someone who lives (or has lived) there, so they can show me all the secrets. Portland - I've been there many times, but I was too young to truly enjoy it. 

I love cities.

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