Thursday, February 24, 2011


A few nights ago during house church, a friend saw a book about adoption on our [wobbly] coffee table. She asked if we were going to adopt, and we answered affirmatively. The way she asked it, though, made it seem so much more real. We've been married for over a year and are in steady jobs. We're not ready to have/adopt children yet, but we're in the stage of life where everyone around us is doing that. Thinking about adopting makes me so excited and a little nervous for our future. I don't want to go into that process without knowing the intricacies of being adoptive parents.

I love reading blogs of people who have adopted. It inspires me and opens my eyes to a reality that is as yet unknown to me.

I saw this video on a blog that I read. I think it would be really amazing for this woman to get a show on Oprah's network about adoption, from a personal and passionate perspective.

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  1. awesome! =) cant wait to meet all the overcash kids!