Friday, July 1, 2011


This summer is not going quite as planned. I was planning a summer full of fun activities, field trips, and life lessons for a group of kids. Instead, I get to sit around with adorable babies and take a solitary child on field trips once every few weeks.

Last week was hard. One of the families that I had bonded with the most (and brought their children out of their shells and taught them to handle their emotions better) left the program suddenly. I miss my babies so much...

But... I'm making the best of it. We're growing a garden (it's actually growing!), and it's amazing. We ate green peppers today, a bowl full of lettuce yesterday, and it's been so amazing to see how well everything is doing. So worth it! Even when the kids pick green tomatoes off the vine, thinking they were green peppers. Oh, well.

Summer outside of work is wonderful. Hot, but wonderful. Yogurtland, poker nights (which means I sit outside and talk to people while David plays poker), walks in the rain, bike rides, pool parties... So good.

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