Saturday, March 30, 2013

Earning my spot.

Today, I feel like I earned my spot on planet earth. Let's not talk about what that means theologically or anything. I just got my hands dirty.

We started our own garden - something I've been dreaming of for years. We haven't even planted anything yet - we just dug in the dirt and tilled the soil and got it ready. I think it's fitting for the day in between Good Friday and Easter, actually. I love gardening and I see the Kingdom of Heaven through it and through the way our bodies function (thrive) with food.

I feel like I've earned my spot on planet earth when the water runs brown when I wash my hands. When I come home a little bit sweaty, with a few more freckles than the day before. This probably sounds really silly, and it's coming from a girl living in the city, but it's true. People and dirt and sun and rain. It's a way I connect with God.

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