Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I love that it's 60 degrees today, this third day of November. That we live by an amazing park (that they just found three one hundred year old skeletons in), with trees that are exploding with color. I'm so thankful for friends that I can laugh with, for my husband who is my best friend and loves me so well, for friends all across the country with whom I can share life. For my amazing parents who are still praising God and having faith in the midst of a few too many hard things at once. For my brother who cares so much about the world and other people. Way more than I did at 17! I'm so proud of him.

I love living in Denver, with all the beautiful colors and warm fall days.

I'm thankful for my amazing job, with the most supportive boss, honest coworkers, residents who are so strong and determined, sweet children who are doing so well... For the Mission, who encourages and rewards us to live as healthy people. I'm thankful for family, and learning to love and support them as best we can. For the hard decisions and choices. I'm thankful for Bloom - for passionate people and friends. For community, for our house church... For discussions that make me rethink the way I live my life. For realizations that we can only do so much... That the most important thing is to love everyone around the very best we can. Whether that means giving a ride, listening longer than I would've liked (realizing that my job includes a lot of listening), scrubbing the kitchen floor, offering tea at house church, giving grace and grace and grace, over and over again.

I love that it's getting into the holiday season. This year is going to be the busiest yet, but I'm so thankful that I get to be a part of it. It will be different than I would like, but I hope that I can use it as an opportunity to love and be better. And though we're waiting til the first snow to start decorating, I am so excited to make The Flat a cheery, celebratory place with David. Our first Christmas!