Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Thanks for the inspiration, Ash!

I'm thankful for so many things.
  • My husband. He makes me laugh and lets me be completely myself. People probably think we're crazy when we're out in public, but we don't care!
  • My job. For a five year old who, today, was my helper and didn't throw any fits. For infants who comfort distraught older children. For learning to handle and engage with a child with autism. For sweet baby kisses. For getting to see, firsthand, the changes God can make in someone's life. For being reminded every day what a good and gracious God we serve. For getting to love on kids. For my amazing boss and coworkers who stand up for and support me!
  • For my family. They are so strong and amazing and inspiring. I am encouraged by their incredible faith in God.
  • For french press coffee (I'm having it for the first time in a year right now!)
  • For the Plus One Christmas CD. They've never steered me wrong.
  • For cheap haircuts that come with head massages.
  • For David's family. I'm thankful they're in the state!
  • For our apartment. It's warm and cozy and feels so much like home.
  • For Bloom. Love it.
  • For my little car (Baby Mzungu) that just drives so well in the snow!
(Our Christmas decorations... Meager, but heartfelt)

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  1. loved reading it all...but laughed outloud and totally agreed about the Plus One Christmas CD...i need to go see if i can go find it RIGHT NOW! :) SO thankful for you, and love you so much! thanks for all the great mother/daughter memories at all those concerts! :)