Thursday, April 7, 2011


Tonight, I lit some candles and dimmed the lights.

I put on some quiet music.

And I read my Lent devotional.

I'm so thankful for a church that is about Jesus, and about taking Him more seriously than any other thing.

I'm so thankful for amazing, passionate worship leaders (who write things like this).

Anyways, I was listening to some music I got when I lived in Spain [four years ago].

Alabanza (worship) Underground.

I was amazed that, four years later, I still remember all the words.

In Spanish.

[I haven't lost it!]

The music is beautiful, and brings me back to a different time in my life.

Waiting on the corner for Ana, one early Sunday morning, wracked with nerves and desperate for a church community.

Every Sunday following, boarding the train to Hernani, whipping past the green hills of Basque Country.

Entering the unassuming building, packed with pews and people. And love.

Worshipping with Basque and Spanish believers, eating Turkish food and stuffed peppers, wandering the misty, mossy streets.

Lunches with friends, getting Spanish words of wisdom (la perla).

I'm so thankful for that time in my life.

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