Monday, June 13, 2011


I love summer.

Riding my bike to work in the morning. Not so much the way home, but a downhill ride in the cool morning air... That's where it's at.

Playing in the backyard, smelling the flowers, squirting water all over the children.

Being the one that the shyest child looks to with longing in her eyes, and knowing that she just wants to be held. But doesn't want to ask.

Picnics in the park with house church friends. Bocce ball.

Ice cream. Frozen yogurt.

Farmer's markets!

Salad. Salad?!

Coffee dates with new friends.



We watched a movie recently about a man who had an encounter with God. He explained God to a woman by saying that God couldn't wait til she woke up in the morning. God had to experience the world through her eyes, and He couldn't wait to see what she did.

It's a nice thought, but I'm so glad God is all-powerful. He doesn't need us as much as the movie made it seem. He has a plan and He is GOD. He is in control. That's comforting and overwhelming.


I've gotten a case of wanderlust again. We've been talking about our time-line, and it seems that the time is growing closer. This is just a waiting period, even though the future is very unclear. We've so settled into our lives here that it will feel like a ripping-out when we leave. We may return - I can't imagine that we wouldn't - but things will never be the same as they are now. I should embrace this time, but I'm longing to travel. I'm longing to drop everything and set sail around the world. I want to bike around Amsterdam and lay on the beach in San Sebastian and explore the streets of London (not to be confused with Streets of London pub, across the street...). I want to camp (again) in southern France and enjoy a delicious pain au chocolat in Paris. I want to live in the dirt of Africa and visit a cool lake in South America. I want to hike through the jungles of Southeast Asia and trek through the mountains of Peru.

Who knows where we'll end up? If anyone has any connections... We're willing to go anywhere. Let God guide us where He can use us best. We're willing.

Anyways, my wanderlust... Perhaps an autumn road trip in New England will do the trick for now? I think it might!

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